Saturday, March 2, 2013

I Put This Moment ...

 ...Over Here

10 bonus points to the first reader who correctly identifies the song from which the title of this blog entry comes. Clue: the song is by a female British singer and the album which contains the song is widely considered to be her Magnum Opus.
Quixotic Clue: Organon.

BDA: A Poem
You. Yes, you over there.
Really? Do you not know?
There are things I, too, do not know.

I do not know how anyone could be unkind to you.
Yes, you frustrate me deeply with your shyness.
Your cheshire-cat way of just... being... never easy to find.
Your unassuming, smiley-faced, impossible-to-read-ness.
But these are things of beauty, in your beauty.
How anyone could be unkind to you is beyond me.

You say that you can see the wounded-ness of those who have treated you ill.
You are a Christian, truly. And I love you even more because of it.
Yes, love. I write the word and I ponder: do you really not know?
Do you not see the beauty I see when I look at you?
How could anyone so beautiful not see his own beauty?
This. Another thing I do not know.
 How I feel about you feel about me.
Infinity symbol. Recursive logic in the code.
Möbius surface.
How you feel about me feel about you.

Do I dare speak this truth?
Do I dare try again?
This. A thing I do know: I, a demon-haunted trainwreck.

All I ever wanted.
Safety of the heart. Of the mind. Of the body.
From the heart-land. Of the heart-land. A pilgrim, following Jesus.
Not too shy. Not too cocky.
Blond/Red. Younger.
You have it all.
Even your eyebrows. Beautiful.
I write poetry because of you.
You confide in me: a low self-image.

Another thing I do not know. How can you not see?
You are BEAUTY INCARNATE before my loving heart.
Not just eyes. Pools of love.
Not just hair. Corn-fed.
Not just glasses. Intelligence.
Not just voice. Beautiful.
You inspired me to write poetry.
Heaven help my heart.
It has been over two years.
I saw you. Lust.
I saw you again. More lust.
Just who IS this beautiful stranger?
Oh, that's who. Interesting.
Imagine my pleasant surprise:
You remember the day we first met, as do I.
A sign?
And then I heard you preach.
The Holy Spirit in me knows the Holy Spirit in you.
Until I was born-again, I never would have believed...

YOU HAD ME AT נְחֶמְיָה

I struggle to comprehend.
Is this the new me in Christ?
Falling in love with a man,
because of his preaching?
I could do a lot worse.

I. Yes, I over here.
There are things you do not know.
You are worth a lifetime of learning. ισχύς.

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