Thursday, March 14, 2013

3 of 4: Logo

In the earliest days of Christianity, secret signs developed as a way to communicate without being caught by the various anti-Christian forces of the day. Perhaps the most famous sign is the "chi-ro" ...yet another Greek thing that virtually everyone mispronounces; it is "key-ro" not CAIRO for God's sake, and of course the "k" of "key" is not exactly like it is in English; but I digress...

Less well known was the wheel. The wheel is related to the fish symbol. In Greek as it was written at the time, the letter sigma was often represented by what we would see as the letter "C" ... so for example, the famous acronym ΙΧΘΥΣ would actually have been written as ΙΧΘΥC. If you superimpose all five letters [drawn in their simplest geometric form with no serifs, tails, ornaments, etc.] then you will see the image of a wheel.

I hereby resurrect that symbol with modifications to reflect a more modern style (including the newer version of the letter sigma), and I hereby claim it as the "secret sign" of liberal, progressive, LGBTQQI-loving Christianity. I maintain copyright on this symbol so if you steal it then... well, God is watching. Ha! Anyway, I present to you the New Wheel. Hypnotic, isn't it? Praise the Lord.

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