Thursday, March 14, 2013

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In some ways I am Lutheran. Theologically, I tend to fall on the left-liberal mainline of the ELCA, for example. But right now I am thinking musically: when I was a child I was quite aware that church for my mother meant music and as I developed a more sophisticated theological vocabulary, I came to restate that sentiment as my mother feels the spirit through music. And my mom used to make statements about how our German relatives -- who were Lutheran, of course -- were prone to singing "AMEN" in flawless four-part harmonies. I'm not clear on whether that was actually true or not, but it was one of those things a child hears in the pre-teen years and internalizes as fact. Yes, that was a reference to one of this week's readings in Pastoral Care class, about the ways we come to believe things as we grow up.

Anyway... when it comes to my connection with the Divine, I am a true 50-50 mix of my parents' families... from my mother I learned to access the Spirit through music and literature; from my father's family I learned to access the Spirit through embodiment. Which, somehow, brings me to what I am thinking about today.

This is crazy. All of it. My life. Where I come from. Where I've been. Where I am. Where I am going to. It's all crazy. And for some reason, I find solace in that fact. So, to honor the crazy, I present my song list for the crazy. The songs below have the word "crazy" in their title or featured prominently in their lyrics.

Crazy by Icehouse
Crazy by Seal
Goin' Crazy by David Lee Roth
Crazay by Jesse Johnson featuring Sly Stone
Crazy For You by Madonna
 Σ 'αγαπώ, είστε η Ισχύς. Προσευχή, απάντησε.
Let's Go Crazy by Prince & The Revolution
Dogs by Pink Floyd
Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd

I don't know at this point, honestly, who is reading my blog... but... if you have any ideas for additional "crazy songs" I'd love to hear from you!

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