Friday, July 1, 2011

The Twitterverse, DJ Qualls, and Jennifer Gimenez

Twitter is strange. On the one hand, I love its openness and I love how I can can send a message to almost any celebrity who moves me -- or even a random cute guy I came across while lurking online. But at the same time, it's a great way to take all of one's fears of rejection and concentrate them into 140 characters... and if I don't receive a reply back then the lack of response takes on a palpable reality: there in my living room, alone, as the celebrity responds to other people not me; as if I am owed something personal in return? It's a strange matrix, the Twitterverse.

But over the last week, two really neat things have happened.

First, I saw a rerun of L&O:CI featuring the character-actor DJ Qualls. You may not know his name, but you likely would recognize him. He excels at playing supporting characters of a certain... quality. I would call him a hot gay nerd, except I don't know whether he is gay. Or a nerd, for that matter! Anyway, I think he's a real cuteypie nonetheless -- and that's all that matters. :)  I got brave and basically told him via Twitter that I thought he was adorable. And he replied! It was a nice moment.

And then there is la fabulosa Jennifer Gimenez: what an amazing lady she is, in a class all to herself! She has done a lot of work over the years, but I know her from her work with Drew Pinsky. I hadn't been following any of the press coverage of the season of Celebrity Rehab that just started last week, so I was completely surprised by the appearance of la linda señora as a rehab-tech at Pasadena Recovery Center. Long story short, I made a point of tweeting her after the premiere episode, and she tweeted me back personally! It wasn't until a few days later that I happened to be reading a blog entry she wrote about the overwhelming response she has gotten since the airing of the upsetting events of the Celebrity Rehab season premiere; I was absolutely staggered to read just how crazy-busy her life has been in the last week... and she specifically mentioned taking time to respond to emails, text messages, and tweets -- and very specifically mentioned her gratitude for the support her fans have given her lately via the various social media platforms. I was really moved; her humility in the presence of so many people is truly admirable.

I wonder if it has occurred to Sra Gimenez that some people are still alive today because of her commitment to pay it forward?

It's the same thing that runs through my mind when I occasionally call forth enough bravery to tweet Dr Drew. The work these people do... sheesh... literally, they save lives. What more noble enterprise can there be, in keeping with the Great Commission that the Savior issued to us before His crucifixion, than to use the lessons we have learned in order to save the lives of other children of God? Yeah, I went there… invoking the J-man again. But I know that I am here today because Jesus saved me from myself. When I see the never-ending gift of His Grace shining through other people, I call it for what it is. Thank God for people like Jennifer Gimenez, Drew Pinsky, Bob Forrest, and the fabulous Shelly Sprague.


  1. Solitude is also God's way of perfecting you, refining you. "For he is like a refiner's fire". When God wanted to perfect Isa (aw) he had him fast in the desert for 40 days, solitude and separation. We should never see solitude as punishment or othering, solitude is God anointing you. Everyone cannot thrive or even get the point of this selection. It is natural to desire what the body desires we are flesh and spirit, yet we are supposed to overcome and triumph over the carnal not because it is bad, but because it is powerful and can overtake and pull us away from the most high God. I thank God I am able to be alone, as are you, but I also pray, if it is God's will that I will have a companion "worthy" of me that I can share my solitude with, even the Panther mates and raises cubs.

  2. Nisa... that's Arabic for woman, right? Making that beautiful comment likely from Rābi'a. Blessings upon you my sister, and thank you for sharing those beautiful words!