Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shalikashvili & Winehouse, Oh My.

The world is abuzz with mourning over the right-wing terrorist attack in Norway. And yes, that's what it was. Right-wing terrorism. One wonders how much longer it will be before people like that young man in Norway repeat his behavior here in the USA.

This morning I awoke to news of the death of Amy Winehouse. Wow. It seems that the world's general consensus sits somewhere between surprised it took this long and that's really sad. The fact that that creepy 27 Club thing has happened again is... just... creepy. [Look up 27 Club on Wikipedia if you are wondering what it is.]

Amidst all of this, though, I would like to take a small moment to remember someone else who died today: General John Shalikashvili. He was Bill Clinton's first Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman in the mid-1990s. His military history, and his personal history as well, were the American dream: born in Poland to a family of Georgian nobility who were refugees that ended up fleeing the coming of the Iron Curtain into Germany, this man dedicated himself to military service for most of his adult life.

Shalikashvili was one of the highest-ranking voices to speak for repeal of DADT. And he died the day after the Readiness Certification was filed.

Thank you for your service, General Shalikashvili.

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