Sunday, July 10, 2011

Maybe It's Just Me...

...but I wonder if I am past the point of no return with regard to my technological prowess. I mean, I love my MacBook Pro and use it like a fiend; it's my fifth Mac (after... let's see... in order: LC475, 8100/110, Cube, and G4 TiBook). I'm on my second iPhone. I am copacetic with the Netflix streaming-video concept. My Facebook profile lists "Extreme TiVo" as my personal sport. I get technology. And yet...

People just a few years younger than me have like 1000 friends on Facebook. I follow a younger guy on Twitter who often posts like 35 tweets each and every day. A a lot of my younger friends who use Twitter, follow like 600 people or more. I just can't keep up. Hell, I don't even know if anyone actually reads this blog. Of course, I don't really care if anyone reads it, per se: this blog is my Diary-in-the-Cloud and it gives me a chance to get back into the habit of writing (nearly) every day. That said, a friend of mine actually did ask me if I had a blog where I am writing about my faith-walk. (I wonder if he is reading these words?)

Is this perception of social dislocation some sort of mark of having turned 40 years old in May 2011? I don't know anyone older than I who maintains such a continuously active social-media connection: it seems that people I know who are social-media multitasking fiends were all born after 1975.

Maybe, just maybe, I am an actual adult now? Jesus Mary & Joseph... these kids nowadays... Lord, just put me on a boat with an iPod full of 80s techno-pop and JS Bach, sail it into the open ocean, then firebomb it like in Viking-days. Ack!

That settles it. Time for chocolate chip cookies dipped in Nutella.

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