Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Εγώ Αγαπώ

I love God for the Only Begotten Son, Jesus The Christ, who willingly laid down His life so that I might live forever in His Grace.

I love the surreal ways that the threads of my life are coalescing.

I love that I have a name for my longterm vision... 
The Islamic Christian Church of Jesus Christ, Quantum.

I love that God has brought such beautiful people into my life like Gina Pond, Debra Newcomb, Rābi'a Mirhadian, Mark Kerrins, Lee Whittaker, Mauricio Najarro, and Vik Slen.

I love the way I reached out to this guy named Jake who works at Panera in Alameda and gave him my contact information just in case he needs help as he continues to get settled here in the Bay Area.

I love my cats. I love how they love me, and I love how they drive me up the f'ing wall.

I love how when Lee and I leaned into the Quantum Foam with intent to form a support system for older & re-entry students, GTU's administration reached back toward us with an unconditional blessing.

I love that Jesus saved me from myself 982 days ago.

I love that I have been reconnecting with second cousins on both sides of the family.

I love that I am able to help my father reconnect with some of his cousins before Parkinson's Disease takes him from me.

I love that Jeret "Speedy" Peterson is no longer suffering.

I love that before too long, I will have my first-ever home-church and that it will be either New Spirit Community Church at PSR in Berkeley, or City Of Refuge UCC in San Francisco.

I love that God has shown me that not only can I be Christian and gay, I can even be Pentecostalist and gay. Take that Sarah Palin.

And, more than anything, I love that I can honestly say that the one thing I want more of, is the ability to love.

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