Thursday, July 7, 2011

Scourge Of Dualism In Technology

Several weeks ago I started this blog to document my faith-walk, using my Blogger account. I even designed a spiffy forward-looking ministerial business card featuring mini-logos for Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger. Almost as if in response to me, Google has announced that they are going to retire the Blogger brand, therefore bringing up the chance of a new logo before I've even gotten my spiffy new business card printed. FFS. Then the Zuckertwat [see earlier post] announces that "something awesome" was coming to Facebook this week, while Google launches Google+ which is clearly designed to take on Facebook and Twitter. And along we go...

Dvorak versus QWERTY.
EightTrack versus Cassette.
VHS versus Betamax.
Mac versus PC.
AOL versus CompuServe.
AIM versus YahooMessenger.
Microsoft versus Netscape.
Yahoo versus Google.
Gateway versus Dell.
Oracle i9 versus Microsoft MySQL.
BluRay versus HD-DVD.
Verizon versus AT&T.
DirecTV versus Dish.
... and now, it's looking like...
Google+ versus Facebook.

And the beat goes on.

Dualistic "format wars" in tech-history share one brutal truth: arrogant rich people associated with marketing & branding get richer while the rest of us -- people who do actual work for a living -- continue along, trying to keep our homes, feed ourselves, and not sink into despair.

I liked my business card layout just the way it was. Thanks a lot, assholes.

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