Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh Facebook, How I LoveHate You

I happened to see an article today wherein Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that Facebook will be unveiling something awesome next week. Big. F'ing. Deal. Here's a revolutionary idea: how about a Wall that shows me what all of my friends are doing / saying / posting? Like how it used to be? And how about a field next to my name on my Profile page that shows my most recent Status Update? Like how it used to be?

The new-and-improved Facebook is directly responsible for why I found out today that a high school classmate's mother died a while ago. Thanks a lot, you don't-know-shit-from-shinola born-in-the-mid-1980s Zuckertwat. I am so tired of this RealityTV-obsessed, devoid-of-longterm-memory, unaware-of-history generation. They are one of the reasons that historical revisionist ass-hats like Glenn Beck, Michelle Bachman, and the Tea Party are able to make up whatever shit they want from "history" and people just believe it without any critical analysis. I'm about this close to starting a rant with the words these kids nowadays.

And now for something completely different.

VeggieTales. Specifically the episode with a spoof of Hamlet. In an interstitial song number Larry The Cucumber sings about his silk hat and box of chocolates, to the tune of the late 19th-century Italian song Funiculì Funiculà. "He crushed my silk top-hat, now whaddya think of that?" And no, I'm not high. I'm just... random sometimes.
 God help us all.

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