Sunday, February 17, 2013

1 of 2: Transfiguration

One of the most informative aspects of my Field Ed has been developing the discipline necessary to thrive in a lectionary-based church environment. I must truly say, I have come to see the blessing of "staying on-lectionary" because so far the Holy Spirit has worked wonders through me, connecting the theological dots from my "assigned" Scriptural text to my chosen secular cultural reference point without failure. Recent examples include connecting the Klingon funeral rite to John 3:16 and the poem In Flanders Fields for Veterans Day; connecting Dungeons & Dragons to Luke's account of the birthtime of Jesus using quantum physics for Advent; and my most recent triumph... teaching my congregation how Paul's 1st Epistle to the church in Corinth relates directly to the design of none other than Angry Birds.

I don't need drugs -- this is who I am naturally.

Another thing I love about my Field Ed site is that on Sundays when I am not preaching, I get to preside over the Liturgy Of The Word and this specifically requires me to write a special opening paragraph for the day. I frequently point out that the way to be a writer is simply to write and this is a good way to get that done. In honor of Transfiguration Sunday (which was a week ago, Sunday 2/10/2013), I present my welcoming text from that day:

In December 1993 I was in a movie theater and saw a film trailer that blew my socks off. Realistic animation of animals beyond anything I'd ever seen. Music, floating directly into my heart. My mind struggled to make sense of the imagery… an entire cross-section of the animal kingdom, walking side-by-side toward… a baboon? Holding a lion cub up in the air on top of a giant rock? And then the animals *bow* to the lion cub. I struggle to describe the impact that trailer had on me. Without warning, the screen goes black and then I see nothing but words… DISNEY PRESENTS: THE LION KING. NEXT SUMMER. True story. I think of this experience when I try to imagine what James The Greater, John The Apostle, and Peter must have experienced when they saw Jesus transfigured. The Transfiguration really was a "trailer" of a great story to come. As we prepare to enter the Lenten season, let us remember: after the coming drama, this story has a good ending indeed.

All praise to my personal Lord and Savior, Jesus Emanu-El.

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