Friday, December 23, 2011

How I Know I Am In The South...

I am still exhausted from the semester. I flew across the country, with an unexpectedly long delay in Phoenix (we were held in order to avoid stranding some folks from Denver whose flight had been delayed significantly by snow... after experiences I have had in the past, I totally support this). I met a couple of very nice folks who were also going through to RDU from SFO via PHX on the flight; I love the random assemblage of people who can end up on a plane: a lawyer from Michigan, a web designer who works at Stanford but who is from Indiana and whose parents settled in North Carolina, a nice young visual effects artist from Greensboro, an absolutely fine guy from Durham who works in solar panel engineering... and me. Seminary student. Dirty old man. Minister-in-training.

Oh how I love the LORD!

Anyway, here's how I know I am back in the South: today my mom and I went to lunch before picking my dad up at the nursing home; I took my cup to the drink-machine. Saw the "tea" container. Wondered... would it be real, traditional, Southern sweet tea if not labeled as such?

Yes, oh yes it was.

It was beautiful and tasty and I could feel my waist expanding as I drank it. And of course I refilled just before leaving. Jesus loves me, this I know. Amen!

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