Monday, December 19, 2011

It Was What It Was. And It Was.

Friday 12/16/2011. 412PM. Last paper submitted. Semester over.
Όλα επαίνους προς Θεό. Γίνεται!

Due to how the fares were lined up when I booked my ticket, I am still here for a few more days. I think that's a divine thing... I have time to rest, to watch a shit-load of stuff on my TiVo, and to just enjoy being. I could write more, and probably will, but for now? Coffee, morning news, and leftover cake from last night's closing Advent service at school. Wow, simply wow. What Meredith, Jason, and Kelly have managed to do with <awaken> is truly beautiful. I was so honored to be asked to light the final Advent candle and say a few words about what peace means to me. Just beautiful stuff, it was. And that song which they used to frame the entire set of services... The World Stood Still by a Christian folk-rock group from SoCal named Future of Forestry. (Yes, the name of the band is from the C.S. Lewis poem.)... wow. Gonna definitely download that song when/if I get that iTunes gift certificate from my mom for Christmas.

All in all, life isn't so bad.

Time for my mid-morning nap!

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