Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Sounds of Silence

And so it begins.

From Palm Sunday until Resurrection Sunday (aka Easter), I will be under a vow of silence. In this post-modern world, "silence" means: no talking, no email, no Facebook, no tweeting, no cell-TXT'ing, etc., beyond the minimum necessary for functioning and survival. I will be attending all my classes, attending Holy Week services at no less than FOUR churches, but doing so in silence.

I do this in the name of all who have been silenced by people who claim to speak for Jesus. I do this for all who suffer in silence as they come to terms with trauma, abuse, and bullying. I do this, perhaps most importantly, because my default method of self-expression is through my voice and my written word.

One of my spiritual advisors recommended that I give myself permission to write a journal-entry of my experiences this week. I will, of course, not publish it until after the week is over... if at all. Wish me luck; it's gonna be an interesting week. 

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