Sunday, June 26, 2011

Through The Wormhole

Morgan Freeman, in a word, rocks. I'm so glad that he has produced more episodes of his fantastic show Through The Wormhole on Science (Science Channel, whatever it's called now). I encourage everyone to check it out; I think there are only four more new episodes left in this year's crop. It is good stuff.

The show appeals to me because it presents the latest in scientific thinking without being anti-faith. Our world needs more voices that are both religious and scientific and that can integrate the two without descending into either the willful ignorance of religious fundamentalism or the arrogant anti-Theos of science fundamentalism (as I call it). Human history is replete with people of faith who were also people of science; it is to the detriment of our future that we apparently can no longer bridge the two naturally.

And that's my message.

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